Tesla launches self-propelled software

Tesla launches self-propelled software

Tech October 15, 2015 11:29

- Tesla has released a software update for its Model S sedans to run on autopilot .

Owners of electric cars can now leave their car drive itself. The Model S was equipped with sensors , which will now be used by the software. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns during the press presentation for use at this early stage : " It is a kind of public beta version. We want people to be careful with that. Keep your hands still on the wheel. "

The company wants to get used to the drivers on this way to the new technique. For example, if the indicator is switched on the car itself change jobs.

Sensors ensure that the car does only if the path is clear . There may also be fully automated built parked . What Musk concerned this is the beginning of the end of the drive yourself : " In the end there is no more control in the car. You just get in the car and that takes you to go somewhere. "

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