Terror Truck unstoppable with concrete block

Terror Truck unstoppable with concrete block

World April 11, 2017 13:00

leipzig - Mobile concrete barriers used in Germany to protect against attacks events, not resistant to prove trucks rams against it.

This is evident from two crash tests which test institute Dekra conducted. The concrete blocks are since the attacks such as those frequently used on the Christmas market in Berlin at the boulevard of Nice at major events.

In the crash, the truck drove 50 kilometers per hour on the concrete barrier off. Once the block came to lie transverse to the direction of travel, the second time skew. The truck was only slightly damaged by the collision with the 2.5-tonne block and hardly stopped. For the test a truck used similar to a type used by the bombing in Nice last July.

German police said in a response that blocks one of the measures to prevent attacks by 'terrorist trucks.

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