Terdood convicted after 35 years executed

Terdood convicted after 35 years executed

World May 26, 2017 08:48

atmore - An American death sentence sentenced 35 years after his death sentence was ultimately executed. The 75-year-old Tommy Arthur managed to postpone the execution of his death penalty seven times.

At the eighth time, the execution at the Holman prison in the southwest of the state of Alabama was scheduled at 18:00 at the end of Thursday afternoon. His lawyers tried to prevent the execution again. They submitted pieces where they spoke about possible problems with the substances that would kill Arthur. Thus they contested the use of anesthetic midazolam.

There was a delay, but it took only 4.5 hours, reporting local media. The execution with a deadly injection was still performed at the end of the evening. Arthur was officially declared dead shortly after midnight Friday.

Arthur received the death penalty in 1982 because of the murder of a woman's wife, Judy Wicker, with whom he had a relationship. He was mainly convicted on the basis of her testimony. She said in her trial that she had paid Arthur $ 10,000 for the murder. Arthur has always argued his innocence.

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