Telegram will let your photos and videos disappear

Telegram will let your photos and videos disappear

Tech July 24, 2017 13:27

berlin - Chat app users Telegram can now send photos and videos with a limited service life. The sender can specify how long images may be visible. If the receiving party makes a screenshot, it will be reported immediately as with competing services.

A timer for photos and videos is not a groundbreaking feature, as Telegram competitors have been offering it a lot longer, but it is a welcome addition to fanatic users of the platform. In addition to the automatic disappearing images, the German-based service also introduces profile texts. One last update is the activation of so-called Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in large group chats. In practice, this means that Telegram stores photos and videos at a third party. For users, this should result in much faster access to that content.

Telegram is one of the biggest contenders of the popular WhatsApp in our country. The service developed by Russians wants to be distinguished by focusing on privacy. The fact that there is also a downside to it has become clear in the past. Jihadists appear to use massive telegrams.

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