Telegram IS erases channels from

Telegram IS erases channels from

Tech November 19, 2015 10:45

- The team behind Telegram Messenger has in recent days 78 IS-related shut down channels. According to the present German-based chat service made ​​the terrorist group widespread use of the service. The channels were closed in at least twelve different languages.

In a post on the official 's own channel team has announced that it shocked Telegram is widely abused by IS. To prevent further abuse in the future, Telegram has agreed that it is much quicker to act on reports of abuse of the service. Telegram is probably popular with IS screening because it is more difficult by intelligence than traditional text messages and a less secure services like WhatsApp. The effective protection of privacy of the originally Russian service is intended for privacy-conscious chatters, but now it seems so widely misused by being the terrorist movement.

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