Teen stops caviar in microwave

Teen stops caviar in microwave

World May 12, 2017 19:54

- Raise on social media in Brazil about a movie showing a guinea pig in a working microwave. The video was posted online by the 16-year-old Vitoria Muller. The girl got a lot of criticism.

On Twitter in Brazil, the hashtag 'Strait Vitoria' was soon trending. People could not believe that the girl actually warmed the guinea pig. Soon, Vitoria removed all of her online accounts after being buried under a stream of commentary.

The girl's father showed up on social media that he punished his daughter and apologized. 'It's okay with the guinea pig and I apologize in the name of the whole family. '

The guinea pig was seized by the authorities and brought to an animal clinic. It was found that the animal was not injured.

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