Tears at most 'useless' airport in the world

Tears at most 'useless' airport in the world

World October 14, 2017 22:42

jamestown - The British island of St. Helena, one of the world's most remote places, has been able to welcome the first commercial flight on Saturday to drive the spot.

During the landing there was applause, and tears flowed. An airport has been mentioned since 1930. 'I have never felt emotionally emotional today,' Libby Weir-Breen said. She has been bringing tourists to the island for 12 years, 1900 kilometers away from the coast of Angola, in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean.

Weir-Breen 'had never thought that would happen'. Not strange, because the island has hardly flat parts and building an airport is difficult. When a certain area on the nomination stood for an airport, it appeared that a fatal species threatened to die.

Since then disappointment came after disappointment. As a result, the costs went high, up to the horrors of the government. When the airport was finally finished in 2016, the first flight had to be delayed due to hard winds. That was corn on the mill of the already Cynic British press: the building was baptized into 'most useless airport on earth'.

Peperduur is another qualification that may be in place: the price tag stood at 320 million euros. Revenue is 67. 000 euro per inhabitant.

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