Taste to check with mobile phone launched

Taste to check with mobile phone launched

Tech November 30, 2015 16:00

amsterdam - Some two hundred passengers using public transport can enable the next three months and out with their mobile phone. They are part of an experiment: Smart- OV.

Smart-OV is a collaboration between the public transport companies, KPN and Vodafone. On behalf of both telecom companies do a hundred customers along. They have a mobile phone with Android that is suited for NFC, a technology for wireless communication. The subjects are assigned to the trial a special SIM card which is also provided with an NFC chip. This enables them to use their mobile phones instead of their smart card. Sabine van Loon Vodafone tells BuzzT how it works: " Our customers who participate have downloaded the Vodafone Wallet. This is a mobile wallet that they pay for the trip. They hold the phone in public transport gate and immediately receive a notification that they have checked in. At check out, there will also be notified. This morning I used it myself and it went quickly and smoothly. " Privacy Passengers can use the Smart-OV-app instantly see what his balance, whether it is checked in and out and what it has cost the ride. Also can be read in the last ten travel transactions. Privacy and safety are guaranteed, says Van Loon. " In case of loss or theft, the provider can lock the phone and therefore traveling on public transport. Vodafone also have no insight in the passenger data. " Participating companies see the next three months how travelers a new way of experiencing Check. If the trial is a success, Smart-OV is rolled out nationwide.

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