Syrian rebels: extremist killed pilot

World July 1, 2016 16:48

damascus - Syrian Air Force pilot Friday in the hands of rebels attacked was killed by a warrior of the extremist Nusra Front. That says Jaish al-Islam, the battle group that claims to have shot down the plane of the pilot.

The captured pilot was taken to a joint command post of Jaish al-Islam and the Nusra Front northeast of Damascus. Because of Jaish al-Islam fighters had shot the plane flight he would be handed over to them, but it does not come.

,, We call the Nusra Front (...) On to issue a statement in which they explain what happened and ask them also to hand over the body of the pilot '', Jaish al-Islam claimed Friday. The rebel group sent earlier in the day a photograph of the captured pilot.
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Syrian government press maintains that a mechanical defect plane was fatal. Insurgents in Syria took down two planes earlier this year. According to the Syrian government in one case used an antiaircraft missile. It is unclear whether the rebels possess such weapons.

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