Swiss point out basic income

Swiss point out basic income

World June 5, 2016 13:39

basel - Switzerland shall refrain from a basic income for entering every citizen. A large majority of Swiss voted Sunday in a referendum against the plan, seen from the exit polls.

The rejection of the basic income does not come as a surprise. Proponents argued that a basic income would better guarantee human dignity, now under pressure through automation and job loss associated therewith. But according to the government, the plan is too expensive and does not contain the right incentives for employment.

Pub boss Daniel Häni, the initiator of the referendum proposal, every adult Swiss wanted unconditional grant income from the equivalent of 2250 euros per month. Parents would additionally per child still get a hefty fee (560 euros). Some 78 percent of voters, however, saw no bread in the plan, probed GFS research at the exit of the polling stations. Häni expressed Sunday nonetheless welcomed the surprisingly strong support, according to him.
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A plan to speed up the asylum process have received the support of the majority of the Swiss electorate. They also gave the green light to genetic research on oocytes and embryos, albeit under strict conditions.

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