Swiss give security forces more rights

Swiss give security forces more rights

World September 25, 2016 17:18

bern - The Swiss on Sunday in a referendum intelligence given more powers. According to the forecast of the national TV station SRF has 66 percent of voters favored a new law that drain makes it possible in individual cases phones to place listening devices in homes and break into computers.

To be allowed to invade the privacy of citizens electronic, must be authorized by the Government Office for Security and the Public Prosecutor.

Opponents of the law, which has launched the parliament last year in the fight against terrorism, warned that would lead the path to a state ' taster '. A large majority, however, felt that the government does not ' may be deaf and blind 'to the threat of IS militias and other violent organizations.

The people said ' no '' to a greener economic system and increase pensions. The Green Party had initiated a comprehensive ecological reorganization of the Swiss economy. The goal was an overall ' circular economy '' in 2050, with merely sustainable products and recycling waste. More than 60 percent saw nothing in there Sunday. The government and entrepreneurs said it was sympathetic proposal, but harmful to the economy.

An almost equally large majority opposed the union plans to increase the statutory state pension by 10 percent. It would bring more to the average monthly receipt of AOW 200 francs (185 euros). The Swiss, however, appeared convinced that even the maintenance of benefits at the current level is already a huge job.

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