Swarm of birds flies to the office

Swarm of birds flies to the office

World May 6, 2017 05:48

galveston - Employees of an insurer in the U.S. city of Galveston (Texas) made a macabar discovery this week. Upon arriving at work, they saw that hundreds of migratory birds were flown against the skyscraper of their employer, American media reported Friday (local time).

Police found 395 dead birds on Thursday morning outside the business premises, mainly chessing and cycling. Among the hundreds of deceased animals were also three birds who survived the collision. They were transferred to a shelter. The swarm of birds had a journey of nearly a thousand kilometers behind.

Animal protection officers of the Audubon Society suspect that the fatal collision is caused by a combination of factors. The birds probably flew lower than usual due to the heavy wind and rain and were disoriented by the bright lighting of the office building.

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