Surfing senior escapes shark

Surfing senior escapes shark

World December 1, 2016 11:33

canberra - A 65-year-old Australian surfer has stairs thanks to a pair of rake, a rescue of another surfer and a good dose of luck survived an attack by a great white shark. According to his son got the man also help from an unexpected source: the right to attack a group of dolphins appeared.

' The dolphins were so close together that they touched each other, formed a wall, '' Tim Rowland told the Australian Daily Telegraph. ' Maybe they were trying to get the surfers out of the water, because they knew there was something. '' True or not, it did not help, because Colin Rowland was bitten in his foot and pulled underwater by the shark. Various media put photos of his half bitten surfboard.

Rowland managed to kick the animal to his head. Then another young surfer shot the man to help. He pulled it on its own shelf and pushed it to the side.

The victim managed to stabbing a thumbs up from his stretcher. ' I am a bit upset, but I'm still alive. ''

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