Super Man survives crash

Super Man survives crash

World July 22, 2016 12:39

melbourne - The human body is not developing fast enough to survive a car accident. To illustrate how our bodies would look like if this were the case, has built an Australian traffic organization 'Graham': the only 'man' in the world who will not kill a devastating car crash.

Graham, designed by sculptor Patricia Piccinini, is part of a campaign to reduce the number of road accident victims in Australia. Its striking appearance is on eight points but the body as we know it. For example, Graham's head is a type of helmet and his between its ribs, which are larger than normally secured, mini-airbags.

Furthermore, Graham has extra nipples and no neck. His lack of a neck prevents whiplash, its flat face protecting his nose and ears. Graham also has a thicker skin which provides extra protection. He owns a pair of strong legs and his knees can bend in all directions to prevent him from breaking his legs.
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The dummy is made of fiber glass, silicone, resin, and human hair. He exhibited at the State Library in Melbourne.

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