Sunday, less dropouts Travel Turkey

Sunday, less dropouts Travel Turkey

World July 16, 2016 19:45

- It seems that for traveling to Turkey Sunday, fewer dropouts than Saturday. Of the more than three hundred travelers who have booked for Sunday at Thomas Cook / Neckermann, sees so far 12 percent of the run off, said a spokeswoman for the tour.

Saturday pulled out 20 percent of the 1200 clients of Thomas Cook / Neckermann off.,, That fewer people drop out, has to do in part with the fact that there are hardly any alternatives because of the high season, 'says the spokesperson,, Of course, another factor is that people just like on holiday. '

For travel on weekends to Turkey, travelers can rebook free of charge. People who cancel their trip, get their money back. But as of Monday is that no more., It is again business as usual '. The Turkish resorts is indeed quiet, 'said the spokeswoman for Thomas Cook / Neckermann.
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Also among holidaymakers traveling to Turkey with TUI are fewer dropouts Sunday.,, It is clear that normalize the situation, 'said a spokeswoman. Flights Corendon Saturday just went through. Also, the rest of the holiday period will be the case.,, There are hardly cancellations, a lot of questions from people. Who wanted to know more what the situation is at their destination, 'said an employee of Corendon.

Transavia deleted in the night from Friday to Saturday morning to Turkey flights. During Saturday flights were resumed. There are also Saturday evening two additional flights, for people whose trip had been canceled earlier.,, The three flights we stand for Sunday, also going as usual, 'a spokeswoman told.

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