Stylish smart watches from Fossil

Stylish smart watches from Fossil

Tech October 22, 2015 14:47

- Accessory Manufacturer Fossil brings two smart watches on the market that not only will appeal to gadget freaks. The Q and Q Founder Grant look like traditional watches, but are a lot smarter.

Instead of creating a tech product that looks good, says Fossil sure to have chosen to prioritize fashion. At first glance that is well managed, though especially the Q Founder very large, making it unsuitable for the average woman wrist.

The Q Founder can functionally compete with the Apple Watch. The clever clock was developed in partnership with Google and Intel, and runs on Android Wear. The Q Founder will be launched before the end of the year and costs $ 275. Q Founder will also be compatible with iPhones via the new Android Wear app.

The Q Grant has less extensive functionality, but instead have better looks. In addition to tell what time it is, the Q Grant may also be linked to a smart watch after which it can function as a pedometer and a signal can indicate if there are important messages, phone calls or other notifications arrive. The tip off is done by means of colors. So the user needs to attach important contacts to a color as social services like Facebook and Twitter. Q Grant will end this month and has a price tag between $ 175 and $ 195.

In addition to the smart clocks Fossil also brings two fitness trackers on the market. Unlike standard silicone ones, see the Q and Q Reve Laer Dreamer reasonably stylish. The Revealer and Dreamer have the same functionality on board, only the Revealer is designed for men and women for Dreamer. Both smart bands have a price of $ 125 and allow the user to keep up with their daily activities and, like the Q Grant pass after pairing with a smartphone notifications.

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