Students Startup takes more than two million within

Students Startup takes more than two million within

Tech October 20, 2015 17:35

rotterdam - Students from Erasmus University Rotterdam with their start-up Sowdan 2.1 million collected from investors. The company will use the investment to allow real-time payments between different banks.

Consumers in the Netherlands is still no transfer money to an account at another bank in which the relevant amount directly to that other account is received. Banks do have announced that they want to offer this option in a few years. The new betaalapp for the smartphone that has developed Sowdan, according to co-founder Maurice Grosfeld already beginning to use next year.

The app is still being tested now and Sowdan is still working on the necessary formalities regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). In several other European countries already pay similar apps that instant money can be transferred. Sowdan also working on an online banking platform for your computer.

The company hopes next year to a second round of financing 20 million to get new investments.

One of the investors bread see in the start-up is Pieter Schoen, founder of the Dutch Energy Company (NLE). That company succeeded before in a market dominated by breaking open a few big players. NLE is now claims to be the largest independent energy supplier in the Netherlands, with almost 800 000 connections for gas and electricity.

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