Strangled wife after 24 years found in barrel

Strangled wife after 24 years found in barrel

World October 19, 2016 18:18

hannover - Police in Hanover has 24 years of missing woman found dead in a sealed metal container. She appeared strangled. Her husband is known to be the culprit. He had the corpse, now mummified, included with shell when he moved and put her there in the garage to Neumünster.

When the 26-year-old woman disappeared in 1992, there were no alarm bells ringing. Her other half told anyone who wanted to know they were divorced and that she had gone abroad with an unknown destination. With her family she had previously not been contacted more years.

Nevertheless volunteered a related suspicions to the police in 2013. This is yet decided to make a case. Earlier this year, her husband (52) into the picture as a suspect, when he spoke to during interrogations. Now he is known to have seized the woman during an argument at the throat and when she deceased appeared to have put in a barrel.

A conviction will not be likely. The prosecution assumes that murder 24 years can not be proven that date. Homicide is now barred.

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