Stranded in Turkey

World July 19, 2016 13:15

- Since the failed coup in Turkey Turkey is difficult to get in and out. Telegraph Reporter Ertan Basekin in Turkey and are having trouble to come to the Netherlands at first hand.

There you are with the Turkish customs at the port of Marmaris with the story that you can not leave the country. It is Tuesday morning at a quarter past eight local time. Since Saturday I meet with colleagues Niels Kalkman in the resort. We gather the views of Dutch holidaymakers how they experienced the chaotic scenes. And we ask the locals how they view the current situation in Turkey.

Not a moment goes through your head that problems arise when you want to leave the country. That has never happened to me, especially since I do not have three to four times a year come. For family, friends, but also to visit matches of my favorite football club Besiktas.
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I am also amazed when I hear that I can not pass it. We want to take the ferry to the Greek island of Rhodes and from there fly to Amsterdam. Does not sound logical, but it is similar in flight the best solution. The customs officer explains that people with Turkish nationality should get an additional document.

Since I have a dual citizenship, the rule applies also for me. I do not get it and try to go to the discussion. My boat leaves and I miss my flight, I lay out in vain. The customs officials say the measure Sunday is set and that they even carry out what they are told. Hence, when we went to book, we have not heard anything about the tickets for the boat one day in advance.

I see several people who are not informed. A man pointing to a taxi driver who knows exactly which government agency I need to adjust the document. Plankgas he drives there.,, Do not worry, you're not the first person I drive up to it, 'he says. His help is good for me, because three to four kilometers outside the center. Once arrived, the document is arranged within a few minutes. Do not pay.

Quickly back to the port, we might save more to meet the boat. The taxi driver calls with friends. We arrive just too late. The boat is gone, I can happily rebook tickets and go back to the hotel.

The owner asks almost immediately what is going on.,, You guys went back to the Netherlands? 'He does not show up to date. But he is behulpzaaam to immediately arrange a new room.

Another day Marmaris, tomorrow a new attempt.

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