Stranded Chinese after half a century home

Stranded Chinese after half a century home

World February 11, 2017 11:21

beijing - A Chinese man who has spent half a century in India, has been reunited with his family. The now elderly Wang Qi stuck in 1963 as a military across the border and then allowed according to not return to his homeland.

The Chinese told the British broadcaster that during a walk accidentally ended up in India. There he sat for years in jail, but would not return after his release Wang was able to China. According to his relatives, he did not have the right papers.

Wang Qi\n    \n   \n     Photo: Screendump BBC

A senior local official in India recognized by the BBC that mistakes have been made in the case. This was among other things a 'lack of interest' for the fate of the Chinese, who vainly 'everyone had touted that toedeed' hoping to get permission to leave.

After the case had been in the media, was the former military help from Chinese diplomats. The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was willing to give green light for the departure of Wang. Then he flew to Beijing for the long-awaited meeting with his family.

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