Still many questions about renovation Courtyard

Still many questions about renovation Courtyard

World December 10, 2015 16:35

- VVD and PvdA in parliament there were to do the Courtyard for 5.5 years locked to it as quickly and as cheaply as possible, to 475 million, to be able to grow. There continue working while the renovation is expensive and provides a much longer construction period. The two sides have in-house in a majority. But during the discussion of the plan in parliament Thursday 50PLUS rallied only situated immediately behind their choice.

Foreman Henk Krol or wants the opportunity was seized to demolish the part that 'Hotel' is called to put there immediately but something completely new in its place. " No need to cost anything extra. " The PVV wants all parties get the least upside down and only see a good maintenance and new installations.

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