States US to Judge to Obamacare

States US to Judge to Obamacare

World October 13, 2017 21:27

washington - Certainly five US states go to court to prevent the US government from ending subsidies to health insurers with which they can push Obamacare's costs. President Donald Trump announced the closure of the money crane.

By stopping payment of subsidies, Trump Obamacare wants to further undermine. The amount of grants amounts to about 6 billion euros (7 billion dollars) per year. Due to the abolition, premiums for health insurance may rise sharply. The White House's action has led to the fierce criticism of the Democrats.

The five states, including New York and California, resorted to the case in California. They ask the court to force Trump to make payments. Experts fear that it will be a tricky case.

The White House says that the Ministry of Justice has chosen that there is no obligation to pay subsidies. These grants receive healthcare insurers to cover the costs of insuring minima that are covered by the Affordable Care Act, in Obamacare.

Trump wants to abolish Obamacare from the beginning of his presidency. 'I do not want to make insurance companies rich,' he says. It is the president's mind that his Republican partymen fail to get Obama's care reform.

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