Starbucks stops with Christmas symbols

Starbucks stops with Christmas symbols

World November 10, 2015 11:30

- The decision by Starbucks to put this Christmas Christmas symbols no longer on the mug is in many Christian American customers shot in the wrong way.

The coffee chain decided this year to hold very minimalist with only two different shades of red. The baubles and snowmen disappear because of the 'diversity', says the chain.

" Ridiculous. Beaten by political correctness, "says former pastor Joshua Feuerstein. He is furious that Starbucks does the Christian symbols in the ban.

Feuerstein calls customers from Starbucks with the name 'Merry Christmas' do their order, so Starbucks employees are obliged to write this on the cup to complete the order.

The video message in which he does his call has been already ten million times.

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