Staff Obama sees hand of Putin hacks

Staff Obama sees hand of Putin hacks

World December 15, 2016 22:09

washington - Two prominent figures from the staff of departing President Obama on Thursday openly Russian President Vladimir Putin accused of involvement in the hacking of email accounts of the Democratic party leadership. Obama's Adviser Ben Rhodes argued that Putin does need to be responsible, as he exerts great control over everything that does its government.

The press spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, stated in turn that it was 'quite clearly' that Putin has ordered the cyber attacks. According to him, even Donald Trump have known of Russian involvement and the benefit he would have there own benefit. Earnest recalled that Trump has encouraged during the campage Russia to find missing e-mails from Clinton. Trump has it dismissed as a joke.

Obama's advisers did not provide any concrete evidence for their allegations. One of Putin's spokesman called the allegations 'ridiculous nonsense. 'Upcoming presidential Trump was referring earlier estimate the CIA that Russia was involved in hacks into the realm of fiction.

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