Sprankje hope for victims WannaCry

Sprankje hope for victims WannaCry

Tech May 22, 2017 07:24

paris - People and businesses who are dangled by the WannaCry ransomware may recover their hosted files without having to pay ransom. French security officer Comae Technologies says a way to undo the lock has been found. WanaKiwi, called the tool of Comae. It would work on both Windows XP and Windows 7, and possibly also on Windows 2003 and Vista.

The developers put WanaKiwi on GitHub's development platform on Friday. A guarantee of success does not give them.

The people behind WannaCry claim to pay $ 300. After payment, they provide a key, a code that allows the deceased to unlock their own computer. WanaKiwi searches for the prime numbers used to calculate the code. According to Comae, it is important to act quickly and to have a little luck.

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