Spotify wants to improve disbursement artists

Spotify wants to improve disbursement artists

Tech December 24, 2015 15:00

stockholm - Spotify wants to help artists get paid easily and quickly. For this purpose, the Swedish music service Spotify to Songwriters and Publishers Administration System created. Especially smaller artists benefit from the platform.

         Music, according to Spotify usually very shadowy regularly and besides, there are major differences from country to country. In some situations it even happens that the correct remittance of income for a certain number yet nothing is ever completely finished card as a single true. The result is that artists generally long to wait for their money.
For major artists such as Coldplay and Taylor Swift will make Spotify's platform will have little difference, but for smaller artists it offers a way to quickly understand the flow of money that makes their music. Incidentally, artists must still have patience, according to Spotify it may still take a while before the platform is all.

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