Sports healthy? In the gym it is crawling with bacteria

World November 28, 2017 14:12

amsterdam - Do you feel good and healthy after exercise? That is not entirely right. Because while you loose with weights, on the treadmill or with a rubber ball, invisible and pathogenic bacteria multiply at high speed...

In the gym it is even so dirty, that on a device on average 362 times more bacteria crawl than on a toilet seat, according to a new British study that the British newspaper Daily Mail reports.

Researchers took samples from 27 different sports equipment to get an idea of ​​hygiene. The results were shocking. On a square inch of the devices- the treadmill, the bicycle and the weights- were more than a million microbes. Not only did many bacteria appear on the devices, but 70 percent of the organisms found were also hazardous to health. For example, bacteria were found that can cause pneumonia and blood poisoning.

Taking sports equipment with disinfecting wipes can save a lot, although not all bacteria are killed. For example, after a test, more than two-thirds of the cleaned appliances were still full of rhinovirus, which caused colds.

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