Sports bags with cocaine Belgian coast

Sports bags with cocaine Belgian coast

World April 6, 2017 08:06

ostend - For the Belgian North Sea coast around Ostend is the last day for millions discovered cocaine in floating bags. The first case was reported last weekend in Ostend but in the meantime, according to Belgian media for 25 sports bags with hard drug found that sometimes fastened together with tape floating in the water.

The content has a street value of 62.5 million euros. The bags, which come with an empty bottle so they stay afloat, according to sources would come within the judiciary in Belgium of a South American ship that moored in Zeebrugge.

The crew of a Danish ship saw the first case this weekend in the water at Ostend and hit the alarm. The maritime police eventually found the rest of the bags. 'A record haul,' said a spokesman.

Cocaine is probably thrown from the deck of the South American ship. The captain would be interrogated but denied any involvement. Perhaps the bags to be picked up by a smaller ship.

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