Spoiled litter finds $ 1000 pocket money too low

Spoiled litter finds $ 1000 pocket money too low

World May 6, 2018 11:45

new york - A thousand dollars has been converted more than eight hundred euros. You would think that as a living-at-home teenager you can buy everything that your heart desires with that amount. Well, it is not so nice. According to 15-year-old American Nicolette, she can not make a living of $ 1,000 in pocket money per month.

Nicolette was a guest in the television program Dr. Phil, because she disagreed with the fact that her mother had reduced her pocket money to 'only' a thousand dollars a month. During the broadcast it became clear that Nicolette has a life of lice. Her mother paid her gym subscription, her vegan food, and visits to the hairdresser and nail salon.

Nicolette's mother tells in the program that she feels guilty towards her daughter. She works long days and sees her daughter too little. In return, Nicolette get everything, to buy off her feelings of guilt.

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