Splintered Spain back to polls

Splintered Spain back to polls

World June 24, 2016 16:48

- Spain choose another parliament Sunday. It is feared that it will be just as divided as the parliament to be elected in December. Possible, the outgoing prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, as a resting place in politics, something more votes as a result of the turmoil surrounding the British referendum on Thursday on EU membership.

Rajoy has been 4.5 years and Prime Minister of Spain seems the crisis slowly but surely to overcome. His center-right People's Party (PP) in December received the most votes, but lost the majority in the 350-member Spanish Lower House, the Congress of Deputies.

The decades dominant parties, the PP and the Socialist PSOE, then lost their grip. They got the left-radical movement Podemos (We can) by Pablo Iglesias and the liberal Ciudadanos (Citizens) Albert Rivera and large currents side. This they failed to form a coalition. PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez tried as a last attempt yet to forge a left-wing coalition, but could not.
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Podemos now called Unidos Podemos (Together we can) and hard nailed to the road in order to dispel the impression that the movement consists mainly of other people's money throw-using alternative types. She has the acting and older young voters presented in a catalog of furniture giant Ikea. In the chapter 'kitchen' for example, are themes like the social policy chapter 'bedroom' stand housing and immigration. Or the catalog of the movement just makes such a giant like Ikea, is still unknown.

Polls have indicated that Podemos the PSOE Pedro Sánchez can overtake, but Rajoy's PP remains the largest. Iglesias hopes that the second Podemos party and it does work to form a leftist coalition, but the center-right Rajoy can also boast economic recovery. The economy grew 3.2 percent in 2015 and unemployment is still high, but down sharply.

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