SpaceX launches spy satellite

SpaceX launches spy satellite

World May 1, 2017 13:27

cape canaveral - SpaceX commercial space company launched a spy satellite for a US intelligence service on Monday, CNN reports. The launch from Cape Canaveral was scheduled for Sunday but had to be shifted one day due to a problem with a sensor in the lower part of the rocket.

No detail was provided about the artificial moon itself. The commissioner, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), says in his own words, terrorists and the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. The NRO can also warn at an early stage if a missile attack threatens.

SpaceX generally makes its room emissions online. This time, however, the information transfer was cut off from the moment the top piece of the rocket loosened from the first stage, about seven minutes after launch. That first stage returned to a platform at Kennedy Space Center, according to plan. By using the propulsion more frequently, SpaceX wants to lower the cost of launches.

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