Space probe after 40 years flying now on edge of solar system

Space probe after 40 years flying now on edge of solar system

World October 8, 2018 13:16

washington - The American spacecraft Voyager 2 is about to leave our solar system. After more than forty years of continuous flying, he has come to the edge, almost 18 billion kilometers from the earth. In a while, the probe enters the endless space between the stars. When that happens exactly, it is unpredictable, because scientists do not know exactly what the universe looks like there.

The Voyager 2 still works. It has a speed of more than 55,000 kilometers per hour and sends signals back to earth. The probe registers, among other things, the particles that it encounters along the way. Since August he measures more cosmic radiation. These are particles that come from outside our solar system. This indicates that the Voyager is in the transition area.

The Voyager 2 was launched in August 1977. He flew in 1979 along the planet Jupiter, in 1981 along Saturn, in 1986 along Uranus and in 1987 along Neptune. In about 40,000 years, he meets a star for the first time. He is the second human-made object that will leave the solar system. His brother Voyager 1 already did that in 2012.

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