'Son of leader IS perished'

'Son of leader IS perished'

World July 3, 2018 22:00

cairo - Hudayfah al-Badri, a son of the ideological leader of the Sunni extremists of Islamic State (IS) Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, was killed according to a news channel from IS. 'Al-Badri, the son of the caliph' was killed in fighting in the Syrian city of Homs in the power plant with the alawites and the Russians, according to the report.

IS consists of extremist Sunni militias that were mainly established by Iraqi ex-servicemen. Al-Baghdadi would not have a military but a religious background. He was a leader of Sunni extremists in Iraq and since 2013 also of IS. In 2014 he proclaimed the caliphate in Syria as the spiritual leader of IS. He presented himself as the successor of the Prophet Mohammed and leader of the Sunnis. It is unknown where he is, if still alive. He would certainly have three women and at least two children.

Syrian President Assad belongs to a religious minority, the alawites, who are not Sunnis. Russia supports its regime.

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