Socially through digital messages

Socially through digital messages

Tech December 14, 2015 17:35

- Social is not the first word that many people think of the smartphone. The image of people sitting together at the table and everyone watching on their screens, calls for something else. Yet we are thanks to services like Whatsapp, SMS and social media has become much more attentive.

Half of the Dutch indicate to send since the rise of SMS and WhatsApp easier sweet, nice or courteous messages and to receive even more. According to a survey of 1050 respondents, commissioned by Telfort.At important events one receives a card or prefer to visit. Partners, parents and grandparents we worship ourselves preferably with a visit if we want to say something nice or attents. Friends and colleagues often get a app'je.WhatsApp is also most often used to wish or to compliment friends and family success, with colleagues is done usually in person. When family we usually go along in person if there is something to celebrate, friends and colleagues, we especially congratulate via WhatsApp.Personal contact is for anyone still the most important way to stay up to date on the lives of friends, family and colleagues. Of the over-65s, almost three-quarters of that personal contact keeps them informed. Social media are also important for the group of 20 to 55 year olds, and young people aged 18 to 20 years also keep up to date with WhatsApp. More than half of the Dutch indicate that they are more aware of the lives of friends and acquaintances through social media.

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