Snack Bar Owner ignores robber

Snack Bar Owner ignores robber

World July 12, 2016 14:51

- You should now properly fight back and quietly observe all the commands of a violent robber. A snack bar owner from Christchurch in New Zealand has a unique way with a robber to go: ignore radius.

Said Ahmed even decided to just continue with the order of another customer and then walk away with a smile on his face, as can be seen on surveillance video of the robbery. The armed robber remains stunned and eventually drips and see.

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'That man tried to frighten me and I decided he could not do that,' the cold-blooded Ahmed against the Guardian. 'I'm a customer his food because I wanted him to leave so he would not be in danger. '

Then he turned his back to the robber and he went to the kitchen to call the police. 'I thought to myself, 'if he hits then I'm at least further away from him and then hit less deadly. ''

'The robber was very confused by my reaction,' Ahmed adds. 'He wanted to boost me fear, but I was not afraid. I took his power over me away. '

Ahmed, who emigrated from Egypt twenty years ago, said he has experienced a lot of violence in his homeland. His quiet life since then in Christchurch was the cause of his calm response, he says.

'My heart hit very quickly and I was afraid, but I did not see him. I am naturally calm. In twenty years here I've never seen a fight. In Egypt happens every day, but in New Zealand I am calm because this is safe. '

Police are still investigating the matter.

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