SMS messages from Windows 10 PC

SMS messages from Windows 10 PC

Tech October 21, 2015 17:05

- The attempt by Microsoft to connect its mobile and PC platform better together, are bearing fruit. Soon assigns digital assistant Cortana users on missed calls and allows them to react to from their PCs.

Microsoft has released a preview of its Windows 10 mobile software that offers this possibility. The message being typed on the computer, then sent as SMS from the mobile phone. However, users need their phone not there to pack to make this happen.

By both devices use the same account, Cortana can synchronize the data in the cloud and pass on the devices. In addition to the type of a message, it is also possible to speak in the message, after which Cortana makes it from text.

In order to be able to use new feature, users must have both a PC running Windows 10 as a phone with Windows 10 Mobile. It is not known whether Microsoft will also be used to create the feature in the future Cortana on iOS and Android.

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