Smartphone cripples libido and romance

Smartphone cripples libido and romance

Tech November 12, 2015 07:15

amsterdam - According to one in three people is their sex life on it deteriorated by the advent of the smartphone and tablet. The Dutch between 25 and 34 years will find even half that their sex drive has decreased since there are phones on tables and under cushions.

According to a survey by Gallup among nearly 3,000 Dutch. In 60 percent of the Dutch phone goes to bed. In half even daily. Sexologist Bianca Moorst, attached to the OLVG Amsterdam, recognizes this, but also know that the problem has existed. "The same as everyone saw on television was the bedroom," she says. "And now the phone : clients with this type of complaint say they have the idea that the equipment controls their lives. But adults are obviously in control of their own stuff, not vice versa. " Read the whole article here.

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