Small group of Americans own half weapons

Small group of Americans own half weapons

World September 20, 2016 14:51

boston - A relatively small group of 1.6 million gun owners in the United States owns approximately half of the 264 million firearms in circulation in the country. Some individuals possess or 140 pistols and rifles. In the US, growing the total gun ownership steadily.

Twenty years ago in America are 194 million firearms in private ownership, according to a study by Harvard and Northeastern. Currently, 55 of the approximately 320 million Americans a weapon. Of that number holds 3 percent of 133 million guns.

This relatively small group held on average seventeen guns per person. The growing number of women in this group. Self-defense is their motive for purchasing firearms. Increasing social anxiety makes for increased gun ownership, is in the study.

Die each year in the US, an estimated 30 000 people by bullets. committing them there 20. 000 suicide. Every year 400 000 stolen pistols and rifles.

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