Skinny Christmas tree divides Rome

World December 16, 2017 04:33

rome - The Christmas tree in the square Piazza Venezia in the center of Rome does not threaten to win Christmas.

It has cost the municipality almost 50,000 euros to get it there, but the tree is constantly losing its needles. She is also called the 'Spelacchio' by the Romans, which you could translate with 'the hairless', or in this case 'the needleless'.

The female mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, is of course the subject of criticism. Is she not even able to choose a good Christmas tree? The one on St. Peter's Square, chosen by the Vatican, is a lot nicer!

There are also many jokes about the tree. For example, the Italian Senate has just passed a bill that requires the declaration of consent from patients who wish to terminate their treatment. Exactly in time for the Spelacchio, it is said. Another, given the name of the square where the tree stands, talks about 'Death in Venice', with an allusion to the eponymous book by Thomas Mann, filmed by Luchino Visconti.

The criticism of the bare Christmas tree is so widespread that some people get sympathy for him. For example, a 'Je suis Spelacchio' action has arisen spontaneously, which has a considerable following. In contrast to many politicians, the tree has not even been in contact with the law, it is stated. In the meantime decorations have been applied, which should give the bare tree something to look at.

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