Sir Tim Barrow British ambassador to EU

Sir Tim Barrow British ambassador to EU

World January 4, 2017 19:09

london - A British senior civil servant, Sir Tim Barrow, the new British ambassador to the European Union. Barrow has worked for thirty years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was previously include ambassador in Moscow. The British newspaper The Independent reported Wednesday on the authority of government sources that Prime Minister Theresa May will give the post of EU ambassador to Barrow.

Barrow follows Sir Ivan Rogers who resigned abruptly Tuesday as he cursed the Brexit. Around leaving many quarrels have broken out between supporters and opponents of the departure of the UK from the EU (Brexit). In June voted in a referendum a majority of British voters for the brexit.

The current prime minister May then belonged to the opponents of the brexit. They promised to end of March vigorously the Brexit. Proponents of the Brexit have numerous influential figures including Ivan Rogers accused no wish to settle Brexit, but secretly want to thwart.

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