Silence around kidnap Eccelstone

Silence around kidnap Eccelstone

World July 28, 2016 09:15

- It is still quiet around the now almost a week kidnapped mother of Bernie Ecclestone (85). The 67-year-old Aparedida Schunck- the mother of Eccles Tones 47 years younger wife Fabiana flosi- disappeared last Friday at her home in Sao Paulo.

According to her neighbors Schunck was lured by kidnappers that occurred as a package deliverers, reports The Mirror. After she opened the door, she would be conducted under threat of a firearm to a van. Brazilian police have now confirmed the kidnapping and doing research.

The kidnappers demand a ransom of 33 million. They want to be paid in UK pounds to be transferred at different places in four different pockets. According to Brazilian media, it is striking that the hostages are now lasts nearly a week. Usually hostages free again within days.
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     The house of Aparecida Schunck in Sao Paulo.
     Photo: REUTERS
     Aparecida Schunk, right, mother of Bernie Ecclestone.
     Photo: © Fabiana Ecclestone / Instagra

The Ecclestone family silent on the matter. A television crew filmed the daughters of Ecclestone in the streets of Los Angeles. Petra and Tamara Ecclestone wanted- surrounded by bodyguards- say nothing.

About ten days begin in Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. A lingering kidnapping the country would come out bad. Brazil stands over more than a month in the center of attention. Concerns about safety can (wealthy) travelers dissuade to travel to the South American country. Brazil is also in the worst economic crisis in almost a century.

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