Shot dead after 'bad sex'

World November 10, 2017 15:00

north everett - A 21-year-old escort girl shot a customer in his house because she had 'bad sex' with him.

After that, Mariassa Wallen flew with his credit cards and started shopping as a dolphin. With three bank cards, she released over 10,000 euros in 82 transactions.

Mariassa, mother of an eleven-month-old, was the Internet expert's regular client, but on October 21, the visit to his apartment was out of hand.

After the man's boss found that he had not appeared, police found him on his own home on October 24th. The victim had two bullets in his head, but miracle was still alive. Mariassa was detected by means of surveillance images outside.

Camera images showed that she had visited the man five times in October. The last time turned out to be 21 October: at 20.45 she entered the apartment, at 22:00 she fled with the credit cards.

Faced with the evidence she said the customer had two times in mind 'because he did oral sex wrong'. The victim is still in the hospital.

The police discovered that the victim often went to a striker club and pointed out that he was rich.

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