'Shot at fourteen-year-old because he asked for directions'

'Shot at fourteen-year-old because he asked for directions'

World April 15, 2018 20:15

detroit - An American man is suspected of shooting a teenager who knocked on his door to ask for directions. That is what American authorities report. The victim has a dark skin color; according to him, that is the reason for the shooting.

Brennan Walker (14) missed his bus, had to walk six kilometers home and got lost. That is why he knocked on Jeffrey Zeigler (53), once a fireman and now a pensionado. That tells the victim against a regional TV station.

A woman opened up. 'She started screaming immediately, before I could say something,' said Walker. 'She thought I wanted to break into. I said: no, I have to go to Rochester High Street and I am trying to find the right path. '

The woman called her husband. 'That man came down, actually grabbed a gun and shot at him,' said Lisa Walker, Brennan's mother. Authorities believe their story because video images of the house support the victim's version more than Zeigler's testimony.

According to the latter, 'there is much more that has not been told yet, and that will come up later in court,' he said. 'I was in bed and my wife came up crying and crying... '

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