Shop raffled rifle Orlando

Shop raffled rifle Orlando

World June 30, 2016 13:51

mchenry - The owners of an American gun shop in a suburb of Chicago have found a rather bizarre way to collect money for the victims of the massacre in Orlando. They raffling an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, similar to the weapon that was used in Orlando.

,, We wanted to do something for the loss of life and injuries, '' explains arms dealer and co-owner Bert Irslinger jr. Thursday in The Chicago Tribune. The wish to make shopkeepers in the town of McHenry say a political statement and that no one would hurt their raffle.

The mother of a man who was killed by another shooting, in a movie theater in Aurora, thinks otherwise in the American newspaper. The woman from the region of the store calls it an unseemly publicity stunt.
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The store will announce the winner of the rifle on 31 July. On that day, Second Amendment Sports namely opens a new shooting range and new showroom.

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