Shooting in hairdresser family drama

Shooting in hairdresser family drama

World October 18, 2016 20:51

last - A shooting at a hair salon in the German city Düren Tuesday has caused quite a stir. The police tore masse and put immediately after the alarm had beaten some of the city off. A special unit was inside the building and found two seriously injured, from whom died a 27-year-old man on the spot. An equally old woman was admitted to hospital and operated on. She is in the intensive care unit.

The police spoke of a family drama, most likely between a couple with marital problems. A prosecutor confirmed that suspicion. 'An emotional affair escalated divorce. The man shot his wife in the head and then hit the hand of himself, 'said the Prosecutor.

Witnesses told the man invaded the barber shop, the woman called her and presumably hostage. Then it noticed an unknown number of shots. Existing customers could escape unharmed.

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