Shoe Design Adjust via built-in screen

Shoe Design Adjust via built-in screen

Tech November 30, 2015 16:15

- The inventors of Shift Wear want the term " wearable " to give a new twist. The startup has invented namely shoes the pattern change directly via a special app. To achieve this, the shoes include e-paper screens.

Epaper has the advantage that it only consumes power when the screen is refreshed. As long as a static image is displayed, the batteries are thus fairly durable. The picture is, moreover, via a to change the shoes linked app. The shoes have others color screens, something that is not a simple matter of e-paper. In order to make the shoes reality, the makers have a crowdfunding campaign launched via Indiegogo. The cheapest model can be ordered via the website and costs $ 150. There are also two other models, respectively for $ 250 or $ 350 per couple. The footwear can be washed by machine.

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