Shenzhen was warned

Shenzhen was warned

World December 21, 2015 12:42

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Shenzhen Evening Post, a local government newspaper, quoted in October 2014 an official who was concerned about the growing garbage dumps around the city. 'We have twelve landfills and the end of 2015 that full,' said the policymaker that was already stated that it 'increasingly difficult problem' had highest priority.
Sunday 33 buildings were affected by a
avalanche of mud and construction debris. Nearly a hundred people are missing since then.
Growth Region
Shenzhen, a former fishing village which lies right next to Hong Kong, was appointed thirty years ago by Beijing as a 'growth region'. New districts in record time from the ground up, and in addition, there are nearly 200 kilometers (!) Applied to new subway lines. All land which is moved that comes on top of the already considerable waste sites. They were too high and too steep, the Ministry of Land Use all explained. 'The hope had become unstable and therefore collapsed. '
Earth scientists fear that the disaster in Shenzhen is not the last. 'That city is quite modern and the board is in order,' says one expert told Reuters. 'If even Shenzhen faced with such problems, it is not excluded that other cities have this type of risk. '
Local media have warned in recent years many times of the dangers of the towering garbage dumps around Shenzhen. The city government has not yet responded to the most recent posts.

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