Sexual 'ritual' with amputated toe

World December 10, 2017 11:39

parry sound - Six nurses have now complained about it: bullying and sexual intimidation with an amputated toe, dismissed by a Canadian surgeon as a 'ritual'.

The nurses complain of stone: after an amputation surgeon Bill Smyth stops the toe between his knuckles, causing the body part to protrude, accompanied by sexual gestures. He himself declares to the women that it is an innocent 'ritual' that he has been doing for years as a joke.

The Canadian Smyth is an orthopedic surgeon in the town of Parry Sound. He'd been bullying and sexually intimidating nurses for years. When they had to put on a coat, he felt them at the breasts. Sometimes he suddenly gave them a blow on the back of the hall, or a kick to the legs- without reason.

The hospital informs the Toronto Star that it has started 'an extensive investigation'.

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