Sextant makes comeback at US Navy

Sextant makes comeback at US Navy

Tech October 22, 2015 16:15

- Retro is back in, even in the US Navy. For the first time in ten years, namely lesson again given in using the sextant to navigate. The Navy hopes to have a backup as enemy hackers manage to gain access to navigation systems on ships.

With a sextant, it is possible to determine the position using the position of several celestial bodies. The latitude can be determined so by around its highest position to ' shoot '.

Since the introduction of GPS is the navigation method, however, completely gone out of fashion. Thus, it is not only easier to let a computer, the positioning handle, it is also more accurate. With a sextant, an experienced navigator 's position to within about two kilometers determine exactly. Using GPS that can happen in a radius of several meters.

In 2006 the Navy abolished the training on the use of a sextant than off too. But now have armies hackers employ, the top US Navy thinks it's good in any case that even without GPS can be navigated in case critical systems on a ship paralyzed. So classes are displayed in the use of the age-old device.

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