Sexism in the Tour: Hostesses clap from school

Sexism in the Tour: Hostesses clap from school

World July 18, 2017 07:48

paris - It's almost as spectacular as the runaway cyclists of the Tour de France: the commercial caravan that drives the cyclists. But for the young Françaisans who hand out lighters, pens and candies, it's not always a fun. Sexism is the order of the day.

The hostesses from the advertising caravan are mainly students who want to add value during 'La Grande Boucle'. For about 2,000 euros net for three weeks, they stand on one of the cars on a daily basis. The caravan has been the cycling classic since 1930 since 1903.

Several hostesses clashed from the school against the French news platform FranceInfo. Ene Charlotte- not her real name- tells her what she's got to her head when she throws the crowd in a friesie bag on behalf of the McCain freezer. Very creative are not the male 'jokes' because often there are variations on 'Want some sauce' or 'Are you naked under your fries?'.

'I would rather come off the car and give a bang. But I stand there on behalf of a brand, so I smile and collect. 'Other inconvenience: make sure you stop if the car suddenly inhibits and always repeats the phrase' Sun, fries and a good mood ', even if the insects fly in. Charlotte: 'I really wonder what's so exciting about a girl in a fancy suit. '\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n    \n    \n   \n     Photo: Dutch height

The ladies receive a short training program in advance, with the program 'A hand on your car', 'annoying bets' and 'unwanted kisses'. 'You have to learn to learn,' says Juliette, who receives telephone numbers from admirers three times a week. 'They all fall into the trash can. '

Host Ophélie already got a plen of water, wine and detergent over her. By far the Dutch went to throw a glass of urine. 'Despite the rules I got my middle finger. '

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